Boudoir Photography

Captures intimate and sensual images of a person in a private setting. The goal of the shoot is to celebrate the beauty, confidence, and sensuality of the subject, often as a gift for a partner or simply for self-empowerment.

Starts at $750

Family Photography

Capturing posed and candid shots of your family. The photoshoot may take place indoors or outdoors, depending on the preferences of the family.

Starts at $300

Portrait Photography

Capturing your personality, character, and essence. The photoshoot will showcase your unique qualities, emotions, and expressions perfect for professional means, headshots or updating your social media content!

Starts at $175

Wedding & Elopement

Captures the special moments and memories of a wedding day. The goal of the shoot is to create a visual story that documents the love, joy, and emotions of the wedding day for the couple and their loved ones to cherish for years to come.

Starts at $900

Brand & Commercial

Captures images that showcase a brand or business. The goal of the shoot is to create a visual representation of the brand's identity, values, and products or services.

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Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm based out of Central Florida, Davenport specifically and yes I love to travel! If you want me to photograph your story, it will require a travel fee, depending on where it takes place. But no worries, I always try to find the cheapest way to come because I love the way my creativity is developed when I discover new places! I don''t want it to be a brake for you. So certainly don't hesitate to hire me even if we aren't local to one another.

When will we get our photos?

You will receive an online gallery link with all your photos within maximum 6 weeks (sometimes less depending on the season I photograph your story). You can download all the photos from the gallery but also share them, choose your favorites, and also order prints, albums & wall art!

How many pictures will we receive?

I always choose quality rather than quantity and that's why I will choose the best and more significant photos to tell your story. Every story is different however I assure you wont be disappointed in the images you have delivered!

How do you photograph weddings?

I love being by your side to help you before your wedding day. I''ll send you a guide to help you organizing your day, the best moments for the couple photos, the different lights... and it''s really exciting for me to receive photos of your dress, shoes, invits...! On your wedding day, all I want to capture is the feelings, the mood, the emotions, the calm and crazy moments and all the details that make your wedding unique. That''s why I decided to photograph non-traditional and laid-back wedding.