Hi, I'm Laura Belle.

A colorful soul both in what I wear, the people I surround myself with and the words that come out of my mouth. I am a fun loving, outgoing woman that has lived within Central Florida for close to 30 something years. 

I'm 36, happily married, and a proud mama of Dakota my 9 year old puppy & sweet cats, Rascal, Pumpkin, Oliver, Marie & Freckles!


Throughout my life I have dabbled in a slew of various jobs. However my passion has always been photography, both being in front of and behind the lens. This carved the way to where I am today! A little more than 7 years ago I began focusing on staying behind the lens in a professional capacity photographing live events & cast members within the theme parks.


Then suddenly my work began to be recognized and I realized I have a natural talent! And as the years have gone by and I have photographed a little bit of everything, I realized that my photography shines the most when I am photographing the styles of Boudoir, Portraits, Engagement & Weddings with a little bit of Family & Lifestyle and the rare occasion with Brand & Commercial photography.

However it didn't take me long to determine that as a plus size gal (300lbs size 26/28) that knows all about curves and the aspects of the love/hate of 'em and the years spent studying the human body, learning how to embrace my own but every persons uniqueness and how to enjoy it both visually and physically that Boudoir photography was my absolute specialty.

My promise to you no matter what type of photoshoot you hire me for I will always provide a very positive and empowering environment and I will always hype you up and excite you for the experience you will have with me from start to finish!

And if you're still not sold on me as your photographer, lets chat! I'm always up for having a hot chocolate or ice cream to get to know my future clients & friends!

Love ya,

Laura Belle



“Laura Belle is an amazing photographer. She took the most AMAZING engagement photos of my fiancé and I. She took such good care of us and gave great instructions on how we should pose and stand for our shots. She made me feel very comfortable and confident the entire time. Our photos came back within a few days and they absolutely blew us away. We have so many options for our wedding invitations now and we are going to order canvas prints to hang on our walls. Thanks so much!”

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