**RED Boudie Call**

Please read EVERYTHING before applying

I am looking for 12 people for these times on February 9th 2020 at Studio Adorn in Ocoee, Fl.


10:00 AM - Booked

10:45 AM

11:30 AM

12:15 PM

1:00 PM - Booked

1:45 PM

2:30 PM

3:15 PM

4:00 PM

4:45 PM

5:30 PM

6:15 PM

What's a "BOUDIE CALL"?
It's an open call for you to book a boudoir photoshoot!  I am going to host these "Boudie Calls" every now and then which will require a model release to be signed. I need these model releases to be able to share beautiful images and not everyone wants to share such images, therefore these sessions are limited due to their popularity and the cost is minimal to support the photographers editing time & cost for renting the location plus you get some pretty amazing photos to admire of yourself.

What is required?
• No modeling experience preferred / needed!
• You MUST be 20+ years old to apply for this Boudie call.
• MUST sign a full model release. If you decide you want them private, you may pay my Standard Boudoir Session fee of $350.

• Deposit fee of $100 due at time slot selection to guarantee your time and to purchase your images via digital download / online album plus print rights..

What's RED Boudie Call mean?
This Boudie Call gives you full creativity as far as your hair, makeup and what you wear. However I am requiring you to include something RED. This can be RED eye shadow, lipstick, lingerie, jewelry, shoes, etc. Just something RED!

What do you get?
• Complimentary Photoshoot (Session fee of $250 is waived, you are only paying for the photos!)
• Your very own online digital album and print rights of your images ready by Valentines Day February 14th, 2020. 

• The experience to be a model and to see your images used to advertise future boudoir sessions and boudie calls!

What does it cost?
• There will be a $100 booking fee due at the time slot selection to guarantee your time slot.

• Payments can be paid via Paypal, CashApp or Facebook Payments.
• If you do not wish sign a model release and wish to keep the images private you may opt to do 


How do I apply?
• If you are interested, fill out the application below!


When will you know if you've been selected?
I will respond via your choice of response as applications come in. If the time slot you have selected is still open I will inform you then of the availability and request the deposit to paid within 24 hours of time slot confirmation or the time will be released to the next person. If the time slot is not available but another is I will inform you of the next closest time slot and will wait for your response up to 24 hours before releasing that slot to the next person.

The application will be closed once all time slots are booked and confirmed!


RED Boudie Call Application

Terms & Conditions

I understand that by agreeing to the terms below, I am agreeing that everything I have entered on this application is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if I am selected to book a time slot as a model, I will be required to pay a deposit of $100 within 24 hours of being selected. The deposit will be applied as a means to guarantee my time slot and to also purchase a Digital album and downloads option and the print rights of the images taken. I understand that I will have the option to purchase a Standard Boudoir Session for $350 if I no longer wish to have the images shared, I understand that the deposit is non-refundable. I understand that there is an application process to be selected as a boudoir model to represent Laura Belle Photography and that Laura Belle Photography reserves the right to select models that will best suit the business needs in this particular model call. I agree, if I am selected, to show up at least 5-10 minutes prior to my call time and will be ready with my hair and makeup completed and photo ready by my call time. I understand that my call time will consist of 30 minutes and any changes ie: hair, outfit, or makeup will be included in that 30 minute time slot. I also agree to include something RED within my look. I also understand that as a model, I will be required to sign a model release with Laura Belle Photography.

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