About me

I've been in front of the lens of a camera for nearly 30 years. I love posing and being silly, but when I realized that I had a talent behind the lens, well it was only a matter of time before I dived in and here I am today. 

I am a 33 year old married woman raised in Central Florida. I like to say that Mickey Mouse was my babysitter as I was growing up. You can usually find me enjoying the Disney and Universal Theme parks. Really, I have an infinity of love for theme parks and the cast/team members and entertainment. 

Now, after working in a call center environment for nearly 12 years, and losing my best friend and mother towards the end of 2018 and watching as she worked hundreds of hours a week for the stress to take her away from her dreams I decided I can't become her. I left my day job to pursue this career and travel. It's been a fun one so far and I can't wait to grow and have an amazing career as a photographer and some day have my own studio! 

Photo Credit: ME!

Laura Belle

Photographer & Plus Size Model

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